Add shortcut for SharePoint 2013 document library in windows explorer

May 25
Add shortcut for SharePoint 2013 document library in windows explorer

​we can copy paste multiple documents in a library directly without upload images in SharePoint site upload document page. In SharePoint 2013 we have two options two add multiple documents,

  • By using drag and drop, depends on browser.
  • "Connect to Office" option in the "Connect and Export" group in the ribbon of the Library.

In "Connect to Office" we have three options, that to make SharePoint sites work office documents as shown the image below.

  • Add to SharePoint sites
  • Remove from SharePoint Sites
  • Manage SharePoint Sites

With Add to SharePoint Sites command, will create shortcut to the library in the SharePoint sites folder in our favorites list and will saves in the office Save As and open dialog boxes. using the Add to SharePoint sites command on a library we can do the following tasks,

  • We can open a SharePoint library document from office application and we can update it.
  • We can Share or publish document directly by using office to a SharePoint site library.
  • We can insert images, audio, video files from site assets library into office documents.
  • we can find SharePoint document library that connected to windows explorer file system.

Following are the steps to process on how to add document library in favorites list which can be used to save files directly into SharePoint library.

  • Open SharePoint site library,
  • Select library tab on the ribbon, click on "Connect to Office" command in the ribbon and select "Add to SharePoint Sites link.

We can see a alert prompt that shows to access the current user credentials. Click on "Yes".​

This will add "SharePoint Sites" folder in our favorites list in Windows Explorer. That shows a folder like "site- Shared documents", when we click on our newly added SharePoint sites folder in windows explorer folder. We can Save and Open office documents from SharePoint site using this short cut.